The Art of Changes

With his current musical project, iconic musician, composer and artist David Cain honors the past and welcomes the future in collaboration with seven-time Grammy-winner Paul Wertico and multi-instrumentalist, Larry Gray. Improvised melodic expanses, brewing grooves, telepathic group interaction, kaleidoscopic textures, soulful words…

Sound Portraits by Wertico Cain & Gray. “Awesome! Amazing! Total trip! Great performances!” ~ Frank Alkyer, Publisher, Downbeat Magazine) “Musicians of peerless talent Paul Wertico, David Cain, and Larry Gray take musical artistry to unchartered waters with explosive, creative improvising that is truly on the cutting edge … and beyond. A passionate, trailblazing, mind- blowing performance, setting a new direction in music!” The DVD and Instant Video are available at Amazon.

Sound Portraits – Video Sampler

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My goal is to create and share reality as a constantly changing flow of inspiration, creation, improvisation, orchestration, collaboration, interaction… Hence the new name, The Art of Changes. Change is the rhythm of living. Living is the art of changes. Our senses inform our perceptual reality. Time changes that. My wish now is to expand the possibilities of art and life through an expanded continuum of perceptual reality, media and art forms…

Let’s be the art of changes. Peace and love.

David Cain