Iconic musician, composer and artist David Cain honors the past and welcomes the future. The results are hauntingly evocative – with brewing rhythmic grooves, melodic expanses, and telepathic group interaction. Award winning artist/musician, David Cain,  seven-time Grammy award winning drummer, Paul Wertico, and world-renowned multi-instrumentalist, Larry Gray, create captivating world-class improvisation with multimedia.

Sound Portraits – Video Sampler

David Cain (vocals, red sax, keys, words, ipads, wind controller, computer, film, animation), Paul Wertico, (DW drums, Roland electronic drums, Paiste cymbals, percussion, kitchen sink…), and Larry Gray (upright bass, cello, flute…).

Compositional devices clearly inspired by Miles are fused with elements of the group’s own multi-faceted approach, all delivered with a group empathy that reaches out to Herbie’s own Zen-like approach to making music for the fun of it, in all styles. The effect of the kaleidoscopic approach to melody, rhythm, grooves and textures is sincerely felt, brilliantly reshaped and sculpted via the groups gift for painterly orchestrations, computer sound-shaping, and recurring words about peace and love.

Wertico Cain and Gray is a fiery yet open-hearted and soulful project, never too serious or not serious enough, taking on the artistic and spiritual challenges first offered by Coltrane’s jazz masterpiece, A Love Supreme, while making extensive use of the pioneering musical and technical vocabulary that these guys have honed since the beginning of their musical careers.

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