I you wish to shop, please choose from a recent live concert collaboration with 7-time Grammy winner Paul Wertico,  an electronic orchestral album, a 7 part series of one hour relaxation soundscapes, guided meditations, a book (ala Stephen Colbert meets the Dalai Lama), and a movie. I hope that you enjoy. Peace and Thanks. David Cain


Sound Portraits by Wertico Cain & Gray. “Awesome! Amazing! Total trip! Great performances!” ~ Frank Alkyer, Publisher, Downbeat Magazine) “Musicians of peerless talent Paul Wertico, David Cain, and Larry Gray take musical artistry to unchartered waters with explosive, creative improvising that is truly on the cutting edge … and beyond. A passionate, trailblazing, mind- blowing performance, setting a new direction in music!” The DVD and Instant Video are available at Amazon. Here is a link to the Sound Portraits CD audio, available for download as mp3 or hi-rez FLAC files! More info

FEAST FOR THE SENSES. Improvised melodic expanses, brewing grooves, telepathic group interaction, kaleidoscopic textures, soulful words, jam-band aficionados and jazz heads get it. Produced by seven-time Grammy-winner Paul Wertico and David Cain. The live-in-concert DVD, Instant Video and MP3s are now available on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby…. Watch the Video Preview. “An evening of improvised music becomes a thrilling journey into the imaginations of multi-instrumentalist David Cain and Grammy-awarding winning drummer Paul Wertico…” Read a review.

davidcain1-1Ear candy wrapped in an eclectic blend of world-urban-funky-zen-acid jazz tracks produced and recorded by David Cain. Mastered by legendary engineer Pete Mews at Abbey Road Studios. “In the corner we hear time and feel life, grind in color, against the front of the painting, where brush meets flow…” Read the poem. Van Gogh’s Foci is only 99 cents at iTunes. ” If a song is like a drug sample, created to get listeners hooked, Cain has succeeded with “Van Gogh’s Foci.”  Yes, Cain, we want more.  Now!” Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh.

NEED WANT by David Cain & Senses on iTunes and CD Baby
Cool, funky, rockin, jazzy, soulful and sweet! SENSES offers up soul-drenched entrées, simmering out their funk-infused jazz, rock & bop, which people have been trying to label forever.

Looking For Your Face by Senses on iTunes and CD Baby
The tradition of funk, rock, jazz & blues has always been to tell the truth; and David Cain SENSES tells it like it is – the way you like it. From the heart-felt “All of my life I’ve been looking for your face but today I have seen it.” and  “Take away everything that takes me from you.” SENSES delivers soulful lyrics, infectious grooves & shredding solos.

Soundtracks: Movies for Your Mind by David Cain on iTunes and CD Baby
Electronic ear candy that synthesizes orchestral and new age traditions with world and groove ambience to create cinematic moods, atmospheres, and soundscapes, including Suite for Samples Orchestra, East Meets West #9, Metamorphosis, Ave, Symbolic of Transition, Warp…

Oceans of Grace by David Cain on iTunes and CD Baby – 60 minutes – ONLY $.99 MP3 download! Unique atmospheric blend of melodic and rhythmic sounds that allows for uninterrupted states of timeless joy and peace. Oceans of Grace is now being used by massage therapists in the USA, by hospitals, day care centers…

David’s new series, The Art of Changes, features 7 one hour soundscapes that are based on the 7 chakras and meditation themes that correspond to hexagrams from the ancient iChing. These recordings are essential if you have a need to unplug from the relentless flow of life’s tasks, to-do lists, stress… 1. Seeking Union, 2. Beauty, 3. Inner Truth, 4. Harmony, 5. Flowing, 6. No Entanglement, 7. The Well. David Cain is a Chopra Center Certified Instructor.


1. Seeking Union, the 1st chakra and iChing Hexagram 8.  1 Hour of music for $1.99 MP3 download at CD Baby.

2. Beauty, the 2nd chakra and iChing hexagram 22. 1 Hour of music for $1.99 MP3 download at CD Baby.

3. Inner Truth, the 3rd chakra and iChing Hexagram 61. 1 Hour of music for $1.99 MP3 download at CD Baby.

4. Harmony, the 4th chakra and iChing Hexagram 13. 1 Hour FREE DOWNLOAD at CD Baby.

5. Flowing, the 5th chakra and iChing Hexagram 11. 1 Hour of music for $1.99 MP3 download at CD Baby.

6. No Entanglement, the 6th chakra and iChing Hexagram 25. 1 Hour of music for $1.99 MP3 download at CD Baby.

7.The Well, the 7th chakra and iChing Hexagram 48. 1 Hour of music for $1.99 MP3 download at CD Baby.

With Each Breath (30:00) at CD Baby.
This 30 minute guided meditation will walk you, step-by-step, through an inspirational journey towards healing your negative emotions, discomfort and pain. This guided meditation is based on work that comes from years of experience in mind/body studies, and will provide you with a way to experience inner calm, deep relaxation, healing and well-being. You should notice an increased sense of wellbeing as well as greater energy and creativity. The program features the music work, Beauty, from The Art of Changes series, as well as original Tibetan bowl performances and narration by David Cain, a Chopra Center Certified instructor.


Who Moved My Illusion? Discover the secrets of the mover, the moved, and the moving. Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble (book & nook). Entertaining & intriguing, “Who Moved My Illusion?” offers wide-ranging musings that stimulate thought on a host of social, political, intellectual, & spiritual dilemmas. Examining topics from themes as diverse as tsunamis & bliss to common sense & war, author David Cain presents personal & spiritual issues in veracious terms, suggesting potential solutions while encouraging readers to come to their own conclusions. Engaging, playful, & thought-provoking, “Who Moved My Illusion?” is a paperback feast for the mind, body, and spirit that is sure to please any intellectual craving.


From writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman and visionary filmmaker and artist David Cain, comes the movie, The Yellow Wallpaper, featuring the extraordinary acting talents of Aasne Vigesaa. The DVD and Instant Download/Rental are available at

Aasne Vigesaa’s spell-binding performance as the narrator of Gilman’s story takes us through an expansive and emotional journey of discovery and evolution as she transcends depression, her overbearing husband and repressive medical practices of her day. The soundtrack features piano music of Chopin, Beethoven (Moonlight Sonata), Grieg and Massenet.

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