It is my belief that we all have stories to share – each with our own unique perceptual reality. It is my hope to create and share stories, in whatever media or art form, with other souls. Out of collaborations come multi-layered stories with multiple-realities. Although all collaborations don’t work, most do, and I love to collaborate. Here is a link to my bio and the bios of my collaborators…

Paul Wertico is an amazing artist and one of the most versatile and musical drummers in music today. Paul’s playing has been compared to an “Impressionist painter” and he’s been described as “an inspired madman” and “a restless innovator”. Paul is internationally known for his playing with the Pat Metheny Group, Paul Winter, Kurt Elling, Ken Nordine, Larry Coryell, etc., as well as his own groups. He is a one-of-a-kind musician, artist and friend. (

Paul Wertico’s Drum Solo

My collaboration with David Hoffman began in High School. I still remember his passion for music. We both remember being at Stan Kenton’s Jazz Clinic at Drury College in 1972-73. It was amazing, life-changing. Guess who else was there? Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays. Dave recorded on my first Bux da Hoota album/cassette (remember vinyl and tape?) back in 1984. And then he went on to play with Ray Charles for 13 years! And now, we are just as excited to be collaborating again, exploring new ways of making music, telling stories to audiences, this time in a more spontaneous, life-changing way.

I met Howard Freitag when I moved into The Hoogland Center for the Arts as resident artist in 2005. I was asked to write a performance piece that would integrate the arts and other resident arts groups. I heard what he could do and I was ready to come out of semi-retirement. Howard has the ability to go to so many places musically, so many styles, so many sounds… It’s just amazing. And he’s still curious, an explorer, a perfectionist… but still he’s able to flow with the freedom of what we’re doing now. Together with David, Michael and Jim, we are exploring variations on themes – not counting measures – letting the spirit guide us wherever.

My collaboration with Michael Wall and Jim Cloney began in the mid 80s when I needed a young touring band to go on the road. Man, were they ever the best possible choice. As I started getting performance art commissions from universities, we eventually evolved from musicians standing/jumping onstage for drinkers to musicians/actors/directors/artists creating interactive multimedia performance art. Yeah! Little did I know that these guys had so many talents to share. Now we’re doing it again!

Luda Bella (Olifiruck) was dancing across the stage at the Hoogland Center for the Arts. I remember her red outfit and her ability to command attention and the stage. She is a great dancer and a very down-to-earth person who loves to dance!

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