David Cain

I have always been interested in performing, composing, recording, visualizing… since I can remember. I set off to become a composer. Studied composition, form & orchestration with composer extraordinaire Roque Cordero and ended up with a Masters in Communication/Video. My thesis: Towards an Unbroken Media & Art. I shortened that to UMEDIA. Seems to have worked. Unbroken Media took too long to explain.

Now here I am, President/Artist of UMEDIA, Inc., now celebrating 25 years of pioneering multimedia artistry. Remember the 1984 Apple computer Superbowl ad? So do I. That’s when it all started to come together. Within a year, I was an Apple Evangelist. A few years after that, I was on the roster of Geffen records, LA with my band Bux da Hoota. Now I am making art music with my band The Art of Changes (formerly The Senses). Here’s a video that sums it up: Be the Change.

This reviewer was right on with my CD, NEED WANT: “Somewhere in between reality and the subconscious lies The Senses. Led by David Cain, a resident artist at the Hoogland Center for the Arts in Springfield, IL, this experimental jazz group straddles the line between multiple genres including rock, funk, and soul. With his smooth yet strong voice, David Cain can at times be compared with Sting while the swells of texture and ambience are reminiscent of Pink Floyd.” (Jason Salvio, Lore Music Group) Th CD was on the 2010 Grammy nominee ballot.


He nailed it again when talking about my CD, Looking For Your Face : “Like a painter mixing colors together to see what new shades he can discover, David Cain is a risk taking artist with his band The Senses. On the Grammy nominated “Looking For Your Face”, the risk pays off as The Senses take cues from smooth jazz and infuse them with modern drum samples and funk bop to create their own trademark blend of a sensual jazz experience.” (Jason Salvio, Lore Music Group)

I recently premiered a new film, The Yellow Wallpaper, starring Aasne Vigesaa, available at Amazon.com. Aasne is amazing and audiences are really getting into it. It’s based on an epic story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

In 2004 I began studying with Dr. Deepak Chopra (www.chopra.com) and am now a certified instructor of Primordial Sound Meditation. I have also taught and volunteered at Chopra Center events.

It was a conversation with Deepak one afternoon that led to my book, “Who Moved My Illusion? Discover the Secrets of the Mover, the Moved, and the Moving,” which is available at Amazon & Barnes & Noble – also available as an iBook at iTunes. I have started an audio book collaboration with Dr. David Simon, co-founder of the Chopra Center: Free to Love. Free to Heal.

Several more books are in the works, a screenplay for a feature film, new music, more performing, client commissions and projects, teaching meditation, blogging…

I have another series of audio projects available at CD Baby, iTunes… music for meditation, relaxation, healing, electronic compositions, guided visualizations… There is a free download available.

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