Luda Bella

Luda is poetry in motion. When I started the group Senses in 2005, I was looking to add a dancer to the flow. Many years ago, at the beginning of a tour, I had an idea – actually the credit should go to Frank Sinatra’s mom – of hiring dancers for the live shows. The reason – and it worked very well for Frank – was that if people could see someone move and groove to original music that they perhaps had never heard before, then just maybe they would give it a chance. It’s true, movement is contagious.

Fast-forward to 2005. I was commissioned to perform in the 3rd floor window of a downtown building with the music being piped outside to the audience. It was time to find Luda. There she was, floating across the stage in a dance production with the Springfield Ballet Company. I asked her if she would like to be the “motion” in the Senses performances. She has been and will be. She somehow creates a liquid, rhythmic flow that evolves with the music in totally beautiful ways. You will find her face on the cover of the Senses 2008 Grammy nominated CD, “Looking For Your Face.”

Looking For Your Face CD

Here Luda opens the tune “Stay Awake” from the Senses 2009 CD release concert for the Grammy nominated CD, NEED WANT.

And here she is in black and white.
Luda Bella

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