Here are a few of my abstract, 2D & 3D animation projects. (DC)

East Meets West #9
Original music and animation created by David Cain was inspired by the Rumi poem “Bittersweet,” from the Love Poems of Rumi by Deepak Chopra. Animation, voice, instruments & music by David Cain – The Art of Senses. Produced and recorded at UMEDIA Studios.

A new DVD of HD animation and music by David Cain, Oceans of Grace, is now available at Relaxing. Peaceful. Energizing. Timeless. The soundtrack is a unique blend of rhythmic and melodic structures that allows for uninterrupted meditative states. The animation unfolds like a river of color and texture, constantly changing and expanding. Oceans of Grace helps you enter a state of flow by enabling you to become absorbed into the multi-sensory experience, during which you lose your sense of time and enjoy feelings of peace and happiness… The Art of Changes

CDs of the soundtrack are available at and at Apple’s iTunes.

Abe Lincoln’s Bi-Centennial anniversary was the impetus for creating an animation installation at the New Salem State Historic Site in Petersburg, Illinois. This program featured original artwork, animation, voices and music all produced by David Cain at UMEDIA.

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