Who Moved My Illusion? (book)

Who Moved My Illusion? Discover the secrets of the mover, the moved, and the moving. by David Cain, is available at Amazon & Barnes & Noble. Also available as an iBook at iTunes.

Choice (Special Edition Excerpt)
Love, hate, courage, fear, anger, peace, happiness, sorrow, motivation, boredom, effort, laziness, creation, destruction, joy, despair, suffering, bliss, peace, conflict, honesty, deceitfulness, harmony, discord, pleasure, pain, comfort, discomfort, responsibility, learning, generosity, envy, charity, greed, cooperation, frustration, infinite possibilities, limited possibilities, understanding, ignorance, beauty, ugliness, compassion, indifference, mercy, cruelty, laughter, misery, honor, disgrace, freedom, compassion, goodness, badness, giving, taking, stealing, success, failure, awareness, confusion, empathy… are all choices.

You face choices at every moment of your life. A choice can evoke feelings of great agony or great bliss. There is power and energy in every choice you make. I personally believe that choice is our most powerful gift. When you take care in choosing, your choice can be more in tune with your needs and the needs of those around you, and that’s the best part of any choice. Isn’t it?

When do you begin choosing? What do you choose? How and why do you choose it? What happens after you make a choice? Have you ever felt that there are too many choices? Not enough choices? What are the consequences of your choices? What people, things, wants, needs, beliefs, values influence your choices? Was the choice made in your conscious or subconscious? Why did I choose so many questions?

You face the choice between your view of good and evil, or this and that, at every step of your life. Sometimes that choice causes deep conflict and agony in your life. What is good? What is evil? How do you know? Who told you? Have you studied or researched the source(s)? Is it fact or fiction? How do you prove it? What values can you rely upon in choosing your particular beliefs or way of life?

Consider this: The present moment is the moment of choice and the moment of interpretation. Your choices, in this moment, create the external events you are experiencing. What you choose to perceive and interpret creates your life stories. You are the source of both the choice and the interpretation. Your life is the result of your choices. And when you accept that your choices have consequences, pleasurable and painful, you will find that the actions resulting from your choices create energy that returns to you in like kind. You can choose to control your choices, but you do not have control over the consequences. Ask yourself: “What are the consequences of this choice on me and those around me?” Feel the choice in your heart. How does it feel? If it feels right, then go for it. If it feels uncomfortable, then let it go.

Be happy or be sad. Be defeated or be empowered. Be angered or be joyful. Be dim or be enlightened. Be loved or be hated. The choice is always yours to make.

Copyright ©2009 by David Cain. All rights reserved.
ISBN: 1441480609 EAN-13: 9781441480606
Published by UMEDIA, Inc.

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